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I have just uploaded my latest interview over at http://kombatclinic.com

The interview is with the highly respected Rickson Gracie black belt, Luis “Limao” Heredia. ‘Limao’ is the head instructor of Maui Jiu Jitsu in Hawaii and having gained his black belt from Rickson in 1995, joined a much revered group alongside the likes of Marcelo Behring, Carlos Valente, “Megaton” Dias, Pedro Sauer, Fabio Santos and Henry Akins.

Having started his Jiu Jitsu at 14 years of age under Master’s Helio, Royler and Rickson at the Gracie Humaitá academy he was part of the original group to spread Jiu Jitsu across the United States and can claim to be the first Brazilian Purple Belt to set foot in the US.

It is my pleasure to host the interview with Luis over at KombatClinic.com and hope you enjoy reading the insights he provides into training under Rickson and the current state of Jiu Jitsu across the world - don’t forget to leave me your comments on the site!

I have some real beauties upcoming guys so stay tuned for more…

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