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    Can anyone recommend a good dvd too improve flexibility? We do stretching in class and it seems enough for my training partners but as someone who is very inflexable like myself i need to spend more time stretching outside class. I thought a dvd that i could put on in a morning before work might be a good idea.

    any other advice appreciated. cheers

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    I think this may get better coverage and more responses in another section but no worriies.. flexibility will come over time, what kind of flexibility are you looking for? Try stretching throughout the day whenever your sitting down somewhere just do 5-10 mins here and there it will soon add up throughout the day and the chances are you'll do a lot more stretching in the week rather than say right i'm gonna stretch 30 mins every monday wed and friday. You'll find all the stretching you need on Youtube to be quite honest.


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    Dvd's and Machines are a complete waste of Money ~ I would not insult my customers by stocking such crap ~ take the advice that Greek God has posted and go with that - money saved - by a Big Mac and eat whilst doing the splits in Mc Donalds ~ 2 birds / 1 Stone

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    take a read of this thread on another forum

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    what is it you are stretching for , this is the Boxing forum ? you might get more answer in the BJJ forum

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    Thanks for all the responses guys. All helpfull.

    I want to improve my kicks, it said boxing and stand up so i thought this was the right place to ask.

    Hopefully i'll just keep trying and the flexibility will come.


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    good stuff, isn't there a type of yoga thats good for things like bjj begins with an "a" i think, i have the worse flexibility in the world, this stuff really helps.
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