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Thread: Nick Diaz's boxing style

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    Diaz style is excellent for him, because of his size, stance and his Diaz Attitude.
    "He’ll never sell any ice cream going at that speed"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Morecambe View Post
    his Diaz Attitude.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mattchoo View Post
    Wouldnt try to copy it in any way if I were you, His technique reminds me of Jardine in a way. Leave it alone it just seems to work well for them. If it was as good as it seems all the top level boxers would be doing it, copy them instead.. Its what they do.
    Jardines doesnt work at the highest level, he needs a proper Boxing coach.

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    I know I never said that, was merely comparing two unique styles in that way. Diaz' in my opinion isnt a style that you should try and use it seems alot more naturally gifted. My advice would be to focus on a traditional boxing style thats alot more common with top level BOXERS not mixed martial artists.

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    i have actually been implementing this boxing style in my game for the last 2 months or so. the style has its pros and cons.

    the good side to it is tht you connect with alot of shots and it seems to confuse opponents alot and sometimes makes them just cover up and try and move leaving them open for a big shot, usually to the body, as they like to cover their head to get their bearings back.

    cons -when in the middle of a combination i tend to get hit with some pretty hard shots so therefore you will need to have a decent chin in order to implement it. it also drains my arms quite a bit, and that is not when i am fighting at full power so can imagine it tiring me out more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PointyShinyBurning View Post
    Thats the one.

    New word for his MMA Style ....
    "He’ll never sell any ice cream going at that speed"

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    Yo Rashad - do you want fries with that?

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    noons used a blitzing style lead right hand, which i always thought nick was open to, also good footwork and head movement basically shut him down.
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    Basically by holding your hands out and high you are creating a larger area that your opponent needs to clear in order to get inside. Nick seems to rely on keeping distance whilst landing constant strikes to blind his opponents. It's hard to get on the inside when you can't see and have such a big area to cross I guess
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    The Diaz brothers are some of my fav fighters.

    I really like the great Jiu Jitsu plus solid boxing type fighter.

    Yes, the boxing style is a bit odd but it does work for them.

    I like the way that they don't put everything into each punch but rather just pick you apart.

    I think you if you like the way they fight then you can copy it if you like but one person style will never exactly match anothers.

    Anderson Silva can imitate alot of different fighters and I'm sure he takes bits and peices from every fighter he likes but makes it his own.

    For example in his MMA book he say's that he picked up his spinning reverse elbow strike from watching the film Ong Bak!
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