I use fightstuff UK, They're pretty good, as long as you don't have to have them asap because they ship from thailand and it takes roughly 10 days if you pay standard delivery (because Im not forking out loads for shipping just to get it quicker) I also made a mistake with the sizes and emailed, then chased up with a phonecall the next day. The guy i spoke to had already corrected my order, and was in the middle of replying to my email when i rang him. Which was decent, that it was sorted that quickly.

Lets hope Deepblue fightwear see this thread and sort their act out Jamie, then maybe make ammends and get your order to you quickly, and you Hendo. Or your money back, because i can see them getting boycotted by users of this site and anyone we tell (majority of the UK martial arts community) If they don't sort themselves out with returning emails, lying to customers and generally being crap by the sounds of it.