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Thread: Shops lying to you.

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    Default Shops lying to you.

    I wont name and shame but there are a couple of shops and websites in this country that be trusted i ordered a pair of gloves which i really needed for training on next day delivery which i paid for. So friday comes take a day off work to wait in for theese gloves and nothing phone the shop and they say the should be with u no later than monday with no appoligy so i accept that but wake up early to to wait and nothing still hasnt come so i contacted the shop again and they inform that I have refused the item and its on the way back to them. would aload of bollocks and not even a sorry from them.


    All of the below must be the best shops out there

    thai boxing store
    caged steel
    fight shop
    made 4 fighters

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    Pointless thread.

    Please name and shame, why would you want everyone else to suffer as you did ? These threads pop up all the time, it may have been a genuine error and might give them a chance to explain themselves.

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    Ordered something from early January. Still not arrived even though it said the item was in stock. Emailed them, no reply. Luckily paid through paypal so can hopefully get my money back!

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    avoid sugar rays

    terrible customer service. didnt have the items in stock for 3 weeks when my packet turns up 1 item wasnt there just a crappy note saying it was out of stock and that i'd be refunded. then it takes them a whole week to refund me


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    Any Shop or Online Store that does offer a complete service should be named, if I did not offer a full 100% service then I want to be told to make sure that I did from now on.

    I send every thing via the Post Office and for a company to say that your were out and its on the way back is not true ~ if sent by courier then they would leave a card to arrange another appoitment. The post office would also leave a card for you to collect it - but they hold the parcel for 7 Days.

    No one can ever say 24 hour delivery because of unforseen circumstances but any decent company would sort you if that happened.

    I do hope it was not my company but if it was then please let me know and I will kick some arse at this end.

    If its not then I agree with Jamie ~ every one needs to know.

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    the company was deepblue fightwear i knew i shouldnt have used them but its was a quick buy cause i needed the gloves. the man said dpd try to deliver but dpd leave cards now i got to wait for my refund and stillwithout gloves.

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    Oh for fucks sake I have just ordered a load of stuff off there, rash guard, shorts etc....

    I thought they were a bit shady bacause I sent an email last week with a few enquiries and got no reply !

    Gutted. I paid for recorded delivery, lets see if they pull through.

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    stick to fightshop, awesome service.
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    dude it might not be them it might be DPD delivery but they wasnt the most helpful and when i question 1.95 next day delivery they said it was ok. but when i got a confirmation email saying standard thats when i thought it was weird. as i said people might have had good business with them but i wont be using them again.

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    I only used them as no-one else seemed to have the new hayabusa shorts / rash. They prob not even got 'em in stock hahaha.

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