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    Hi All,

    Some of you may of seen my post in the "General" forum, looking for MMA writers, I have had a great response and have some good content coming for all newbies and the pro's alike.

    It's still work in progress mind.....

    I am not treading on anyones toes, I hope not anyways. But for my love of the sport I have set up a new mma website. With a fighters facebook, so you can all join and setup your fighters profile, Might be a good way to find fighters for your events in the future perhaps? or just a good way to all interact.

    Still looking for people to contribute some good, funny or informative scrawlings.

    Take a look, there aint much there right now. But its starting to come together, your thoughts, suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    I don't believe in belts. There should be no ranking system for toughness.

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    Niice site. Seems to be set out very well, easy to navigate and just a good looking site overall. niice work man.. hope it goes really well for you and becomes a good popular site.


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    Really good idea and nicely constructed site. hopefully will be very useful in future. good work. If you need anything just shout.

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    If you need a gear and equipment section, send me an email at
    MMA Gear and Equipment Review Site

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    thanks fella's its just about there now, still some teething problems! will email you Romeo. Would be good to have some content like urs too!

    Now its about ready, I will be promoting it a little more. now that i know its stable, really appreciate the feedback!

    Just struck a deal with a "Ring Girl" supplier too! pun intended. 200 in Holiday vouchers for the winner of hottest new, amateur UK ring girl. In conjunction with Cardiff based Fallen Angels!

    Strike a light!
    I don't believe in belts. There should be no ranking system for toughness.

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