I responded with the below to a thread on the Pro MMA discussion, but its home should really be here:

well...we all talk about tidying up the sport loads so I think some action needs to be taken, collectively. I posted some stuff on a governing body thread last year and have spoken with lots of different people to decide a 'way forward' for UK MMA. we're all very passionate about it and everyone has slightly different ideas, but that shouldn't stop the sport evolving.

I am proposing over the coming weeks to set out a sort of pro forma for how we would all like to see MMA promotions run; consider all the little issues that fighters, referees and promoters squabble about- weigh ins not being witnessed, fighters purse, difference in rules between promotions, submission of results, medical preparation and participation, hand wrapping...everything really. If we collectively adhere to an informal guideline and it becomes successful then maybe someone or an organisation, even the British Boxing Board of Control may look at UK MMA and see that we are all trying to clear up all the disparities. Furthermore, we may even have fewer reasons to sit on here and moan or acccuse a promoter about ambiguous rules/ match making etc.

I am happy collect the information and try to press this forward, but please be gentle with me and remember i'm just a fighter and spectator like the rest of you! Please PM me if you're interested in participating ie adding your thoughts about certain key points. I'm trying to structure a document which may take some time, but we've got to start somewhere. I am not attempting an individual crusade here and I wont pretend to know as much as the next person. And this certainly will not work unless fighters in particular buy into the idea.