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This is becoming more and more common unfortunately and there's only one reason it's been introduced.
I assume you mean money but is that the case? If there is no cost involved in being promoted then it's not about money. It may be indirectly by being an attempt to retain more students... but surely all academies want to retain as many students as possible for as long as possible?

I don't think extra belts matter or are necessarily wrong other than they are pandering to people who want promotions for the sake of it. This is the wrong attitude to training and I think indulging people in this way reflects poorly on the art. It could also be the start of a longer decline where we see more belts brought in, promotions for time/money reasons rather than ability and people who train just for promotions rather than to learn BJJ.

Stuff like this would put me off training with Liborio and Saulo, even though they are absolute legends.