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Thread: Do you sacrifice much for your BJJ?

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    I don't sacrifice anything but without BJJ I think my life would be much poorer.

    I personally would not take a lower paid job just to be nearer to a BJJ gym, but then I have a family to support. Can you afford for an instructor to visit you and give privates? Can you start an informal grappling club with a group of guys. Is there judo or MMA nearby? What if you travelled to train at weekends, then take various odd days off during the week to do a private? I think there are other options less drastic than quitting your better paying job. No?
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    I don't believe in sacrifices as a healthy way of living. It is unfair to put that much emotional investment in something ("I gave up this and that for this job/person/pet/"). It's one thing to DECIDE that you would rather work the higher paying job than practice BJJ. That's not a sacrifice. That's just living.

    Having said that, I agree with Meerkatsu that there are often more options than we can immediately see. Don't worry. Be happy!
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    just before xmas my year long girlfriend asked me to cut down on training to spend more time with can imagen my answer.....lets just say iv more time to train now and i'm happier for it HAHA!

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    I invested in decking out my double garage with 3cm mats. I now get many extra sessions in a week. I can only get to 2 or 3 classes during the week but my mat time has increased hugely obviously.

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