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Thread: Do you sacrifice much for your BJJ?

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    Default Do you sacrifice much for your BJJ?

    What about relationships or work?

    I've recently started a new job and getting to training is just not an option at the moment due to my hours and the journey it would take.

    It's really getting me down. I can tell that my cardio is slowly getting worse and I'm afraid that if/when I return, what knowledge I've gained so far will have to be re-learnt.

    It's gotten to the point where I am actually considering taking another job where the location would be much more convenient for training, even though the pay would be substantially lower than I'm on now.

    I haven't been training in BJJ for long but it quickly became a big deal to me. It was something I really looked forward to and as I left the dojo every night, even if I had a bad session (which was often), I was always buzzing.

    Psychologically it helped me a lot. I became a much calmer person for it and it made me feel happier than I'd been in a long time.

    I have no kids or dependents to look after and I'm fairly low maintenance myself, so I don't need much. Am I nuts to even consider taking a job that doesn't pay as well as my current one just so I can train BJJ?

    Has anyone else made any real sacrifices so they can train?

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    i would die for bjj

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    I sacrifice two adult green belts a month to the spirit of Helio. In reality, my only sacrifices are time with the missus and bodily damage. -

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    with my hours in college i am always training, the only thing i sacrafice is watching the champions league on a tuesday haha
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    I wouldn't say I sacrifice at all. I plan my days/ weeks, etc, out and fit it in where I can.

    Having said that, I'm trying really hard to 'make' the lunch time sessions, because they're SO good and it's a way of getting in more than my measly 2 sessions.

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    Having said that, I had about a year where I couldn't train and it really got me down.

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    I don't have much of a social life anymore...

    Pretty much says it all...

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    Work to live, don't live to work, man. If your job is getting in the way of something you love, then you 100% need a new one that wont. I'd take a pretty significant pay cut in order to keep training, I think. But I have a shit payed job anyway.

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    I dont complain about it or really see it as a sacrifice, but I dont get pissed much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    I sacrifice two adult green belts a month to the spirit of Helio. In reality, my only sacrifices are time with the missus and bodily damage.
    Christ! Who'd even admit to being a green belt in BJJ. That's just laughable! Hope the sacrifice is slow and painful...

    I vote BJJ over work anyday. As long as if you can find a decent job which gives you enough money to look after yourself (and lets you do BJJ) then there's no problem. Even if the pay is less, fuck it. Happiness is the important thing. Fancy job titles and money don't bring happiness.

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