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Thread: Flexibility training

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMAMAN View Post
    how long do you guys normally hold a strech for?
    Depends on the stretch but the most important thing is to breathe and relax into the stretch. Your body will naturally try and prevent the stretch so you really have to focus on relaxing deeply into it.

    For the butterfly stretch in particular, I would never bounce like in that video. My tip for this stretch is to place something like a dvd boxset (I used an old lethal weapon box set) widthways between your heels, push in with your heels and relax deeply into the stretch. Once your flexibility has improved, try putting it length ways to give you an even deeper stretch.

    Great stretch for BJJ

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    Mike, in response mate. As I am sure you're aware there are an abundance of methods to improve range of motion at a joint: static, partner assisted, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, ballistic, etc.

    In the video I posted I am not 'bouncing' [in the] stretch, at this position think of it as lubricating the hip joint ahead of the deeper position much in the same way you would swing the arms to warm the chest and or shoulders before a partner assisted chest expansion/extension.

    I have been stretching in the same manner for almost twenty years and it has never done me any harm whatsoever, I agree that 'bouncing' per se once in a stretch is indeed detrimental and has the potential to cause contra-indications and injury but 'bouncing' (for want of a better phrase) to lubricate a particular joint (ahead of maximum, deep stretching) in this manner is completely fine.
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