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    Default Age limit for mm?a...

    Hows it goin all..

    I'l keep this short an sweet.

    at 29, am I 'too old' to consider training for an mma fight,
    be it amateur/semi pro rules or whatever.

    (iv got a feeling the name randy couture will be mentioned a couple times )

    Skills wise im not starting from complete scratch, ( 'in and out' of martial arts such as kick/thai boxing, boxing, over the years.
    although no competitive fights ......

    what options are open to me?

    All opinions appreciated!

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointyShinyBurning View Post
    No, you're not.
    quoted for truth

    also randy couture

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    Dude I started completely from scratch at 29 (30 now), so I know where you are coming from with the "am I too old" thing, even if I only get a few amateur fights by the end of this year I'll be chuffed.

    Just keep at it.

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    I started training MMA when l was 39, and now 43, have trained in traditional Martial Arts for years mainly TKD which helped alot. Wish l had started at 29 so dont worry just enjoy your training and have some fights. Training for my 4th fight now which is next month.

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    Dude Im 40 and train twice a week. Fuck it Randy Couture is 46 and is still world class. You're not too old by a long stretch.
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    Its not how long you have trained but the quality, intensity and dedication of your training.
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