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Thread: What to do now?!?

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    Unhappy What to do now?!?

    Hello everyone, im after more advice if you could help.

    Ive just been put out of training for a few months with a head injury. The doctor has said i cant do anything too strenuous (he suggests just walking but thats too boring) so i was wondering what you guys would suggest? I havent been training long and i was wondering if it would be worth getting hold of some instructional dvds for bjj and the like.

    Id be thankful for any help you could offer.....

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    How about flexability training mate?

    Instructionals sound good, but with no one to practise on you might drill bad/wrong technique into your head, so when you finaly get back it has a negative effect.

    I guess just try and stay healthy while your not training. As alot of guys here wil tell you, its very easy to put on weigh while your off haha.
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    you just started and got a head injury aint tht a bad sign?
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    when i said block the kicks, i didnt mean with your head

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    Stay away from Dominoz Pizza!!!

    Go training but just run through techniques lightly to keep it fresh in your head.

    And stay away form Dominos Pizza!!!

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    Maybe you could concentrate on cleaning out your diet (if you haven't allready) Diet is IMHO the most valuable part of anyone's training/Daily well being/Health.. Diet > training ..
    After sorting out a good training regime.. maybe you could start some light cardio and stretching/flexibility training.. which will in turn greatly help out with your techniques : BJJ/Muay Thai ..etc..
    Maybe go with some light Interval skipping ( say 15 rounds of 1min skip/30 sec rest) && some swimming..


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    Shadow box in front of a mirror and improve your movements, punches, kicks, and guard.

    Doing that regually did a hell of a lot for my fighting ability and its not hard physically, you can do it quite gently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hywel Teague View Post
    rock climbing (indoor or out)
    cool , this is something i realy fancy trying

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    Quote Originally Posted by dunny View Post
    when i said block the kicks, i didnt mean with your head
    good tip!! but seriously, i never said that the injury came from training.

    thanks for the advice, ill try the flexibility stuff and maybe some climbing, and i also will keep a close look at my diet, i dont want to be getting fat

    thanks for your help everyone

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