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Thread: Age limit for mma?...

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    Dude I started completely from scratch at 29 (30 now), so I know where you are coming from with the "am I too old" thing, even if I only get a few amateur fights by the end of this year I'll be chuffed.

    Just keep at it.

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    hi Mate

    I'm thirty myself I hope to be fighting my first Am fight just after my 31st birthday. I'm not planning on fighting pro but I reckon I have a few years of am competition in me. I have to train that bit harder than teh younger guys but thats part of it. The main thing is to just enjoy yourself mate my class has guys over fourty who compete and they do more than alright.

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    Hey I'm almost 38 & did my first grappling comp last year, loved it & it gave me something to really train hard for. We've now got a 46 year old lady training at our gym, she's an ex World Muay Thai Champ & has decided to train for an MMA fight......she's awesome & is picking up groundwork at an incredibly fast rate!!! Age is merely a number my friend, and as Sammye said "with maturity you can apply yourself better"!

    Go for it!!! x

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    i started training at 27(close to 28),had my first fight just after a year,had 9 fights that year(which was last year)1 amature,4 semi and 4 pro,i'm the northern fight leagues welterweight champion,anything is possible,if you've got the right frame of mind age ain't nothing but a number!!!!
    Don't Take Life Too Serious Or You'll Die Stressed!!!

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    I have just turned 26 and i am thinking of starting MMA i dont think age is really an issue but my fitness definately is at the moment!

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    only got into mma 12 months ago, i am 40 this year and achived my green belt in karate last week, probley to old to turn pro but would like to think i could get a few amature fights under my belt before i get out my pipe and slippers.
    in short if you can take the pain go for it.

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    there isn't an age look at kimbo he got into it in his 30's and hes pretty well known
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    A mate of mine at the gym started at 30sih(might have been 31). Now he's 34 and 4-0 as a pro.

    IMHO its more about what inuries you have and the wear and tear on your body rather than simply how old you are.

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