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Thread: If you had to train under any instructor for a year full time who would it be and why

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    I typed out a long response and the forum went tits up so now I've lost it.

    I chose Ze Radiola in the end. -

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    I second Ze amazing man

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    For me I reckon it'd be Mario Sperry

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasmos View Post
    For me I reckon it'd be Mario Sperry
    i think that would be my pick also..

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    I'd choose bas rutten seems like the kinda guy you could be serious but fun with

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    i would go with erik paulson, the guy trained under so many great instructors and i would love to learn some catch wrestling and sambo stuff.

    he's trained under the gracie's and got his blackbelt uunder machido's in bjj, has a blackbelt in judo, trained catch under bill reiley and also has a good knowlege of several different types of wrestling.
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