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Thread: If you had to train under any instructor for a year full time who would it be and why

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    I'd love to train with Rickson. 1 hour private 6 days a week, for a year. I might actually be able to do BJJ then

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    Actually- really really, I would love to be able to work out those subtle things that I notice in sparing, but can't put my finger on them.

    So, in that case, myself.

    Sounds a bit self- absorbed, doesn't it

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    fabio gurgel in sao paulo, obvious reasons.
    "A boxer is the best predator on land. The Lion, but throw him in the shark tank and he becomes just another meal" Renzo Gracie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Sho View Post
    Rickson doesn't teach any more
    Terere doesn't teach any more
    Renzo would be good (or Danaher)
    Shawn Williams in LA

    i'd probably give Rolles Gracie's conditioning coach a miss tho
    Rickson just teaches his son doesnt he? I dont know why he stopped teaching other people, it's a shame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    haha , I knew you would come up with Rickson
    lol, i would get him to teach me how to beat Brock

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    ricardo or leo viera, either for a full year would be awesome as they are awesome.

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    If I couldn't train with Rickson, next on my list would be Murilo Bustamante.

    As well as training BJJ I'd also ask him to show me some old school Vale Tudo stuff as well.....

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    In this hypothetical question do we just train with the instructor in privates or do we also train in a class? This would greatly effect my answer. -

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    Rashad Evans

    I would work on my gi techniques

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    Well.. as this is a hypothetical question.. ii believe the answer has to be..
    either: Helio Gracie // Jigoro Kano // Kyuzo Mifune // Mitsuyo Maeda ..

    They are Uniques.. no comparison with anyone else in the world.. Demi-Gods.


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