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Thread: If you had to train under any instructor for a year full time who would it be and why

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    Shawn Williams
    Henry Akins
    Fabio Gurgel

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    Rickson for technique
    Carlson for "learning to smash people"
    Bravo for no-Gi

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    Its not his cup you can feel.... Mike Bishop's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sir Tapsalot View Post
    Shawn Williams
    Henry Akins
    Fabio Gurgel
    I was training at Gumbys place at the end of last year and had just missed Henry Akins who'd done a seminar there. They were all raving about how good he was.

    Btw - does Kyra teach ?

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    Can i replace my 1st choice with Kyra Gracie actually. Thanks^^^^

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    Don't know about when she's in Brazil, but when she's at Renzo's she teaches the women's classes. So get yourself a wig and sneak in...


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    Quote Originally Posted by GreekGod View Post
    Well.. as this is a hypothetical question.. ii believe the answer has to be..
    either: Helio Gracie // Jigoro Kano // Kyuzo Mifune // Mitsuyo Maeda ..

    They are Uniques.. no comparison with anyone else in the world.. Demi-Gods.

    what would mifune or maeda bring to the table you wouldn't get from Kano?

    would be great to train with Kashiwazaki or Isao Okano.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    In this hypothetical question do we just train with the instructor in privates or do we also train in a class? This would greatly effect my answer.
    Ok the guy just has to be living and he has to train you as best as he can.You are allowed to specify how you wanted to be trained aka 24/7 sleeping on the matt with somebody bringing you food if you want.In any location all costs provided for basically use your imagination,and as an extra perk your current salary is still paid to you for that year.
    Hmm no body going for Royler gracie or even Mauritzio Gomes.Shit its actually a really tough question for me now.
    Renzo,Rickson,Fabio gurgel,Royler.But in actual fact I think Rickson offers something unique that no body else could offer you.
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