Submissions 101, a never ending source of amusement. Quotes are from posters in this thread;

"I think having the advanced stuff in your bag of goodies is a great thing to have... ...But, what do I know? I've been submitted in every tourny I've ever been in lol."

"What's basic for Ari may be complex for me." - Ari Bolden is a blue belt!!

"Twister might be totally basic for Eddie B, but for a guy who has been training just GJJ for equal amount of time Eddie has been training BJJ/10P, it would be advanced/fancy/complex."

"Yes, the basics are all you need. In a way, Eddie was a fluke. But he was a well thought out, premeditated, and meticulous fluke whose 4 years of highschool wrestling and how many years of BJJ? defeated a lifetime of BJJ experience." - People seem to be remembering the Royler Gracie fight differently to me... I didn't see any twister stuff (from HS wrestling) and no rubber guard other than standard high guard stuff ala Schembri etc.

The whole forum is a mine of absolute comedy gems.