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Thread: While Helio's brand of Jiu-Jitsu emphasized technical proficiency, Carlson favored a

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    My instructor was a long time Rickson student and despite training with many high level players like jacare and nino schembri maintains he's the best he's ever been priviliged to roll with.

    I don't see why people would be so motivated to simply pay him respect if it wasn't substantiated.

    Of course the talent pool is deeper now and BJJ has moved on but his achievements and status shouldn't be undermined without proof.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwiftMotion View Post
    Like you will hardly ever see a GB practioner use de la riva guard.
    Blink. Now that's just not true. @_@
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stalkachu View Post
    Blink. Now that's just not true. @_@
    Yeah, I was gonna comment on that bit too.

    Braulio and Victor both use dlr loads. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebird View Post
    What competitions were these? Mundials started in 1996.

    What big names did he beat? Who would come out and say that they smashed him even if they did? They would be vilified.

    Its like the Myth of Pele scoring 1200+ goals in football, his 400+ victories probably include sparring in the gym, rolls with Kron when he was 5 etc etc.

    I just dont buy it, and at the end of the day he may be the best ever but it is all opinion really when all is said and done.
    Rickson never won a mundial because he never fought in one. The first Campeonato Mundial de Jiu Jitsu was in 1996, when Rickson was already 34 and long since retired from grappling competition. He did, however, win every single Copa Company, the biggest jiu jitsu championship in Brazil and precursor to the mundial, both in his weight class and in the absolute, beating everyone there was to beat.
    As a matter of fact, the absolute category was commonly called the Rickson Gracie category, even though he weighed on average 82kgs, or 180lbs.
    There are also many vids of him schooling royler who's credentials speak for themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IranianWarMachine View Post
    As a matter of fact, the absolute category was commonly called the Rickson Gracie category, even though he weighed on average 82kgs, or 180lbs.
    There are also many vids of him schooling royler who's credentials speak for themselves.
    To be fair to Royler, Royler's much smaller though. 5-6 155 lbs. to Rickson's 5-10 185 lbs.

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    [QUOTE=Stalkachu;524413]Blink. Now that's just not true. @_@[/QUOTE

    Never knew that.But now that you mentioned it a GB instructor showed me a technique using a modified form of de la riva,correct me if Im wrong but I thought the GB guys stayed away from full De la riva guard because of the knee bar factor.Maybe it is just a mixed bag of tricks,its a tougher question than I thought.
    At my GB gym two of the 4 black belt instructors are from Carlsons and its a dedicated GB gym.
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    The greatest beauty of BJJ is how alive it is. you look around the gym and you see alot of smaller people playing guard, simply because they find themselves there more often than on top, when playing against someone of similar skill but outweighs them. A few minutes later when that lighter blue or purple belt is rolling with a huge white belt, they may very likely be playing a very dominant top game.

    What do you do if you can't physically hold closed guard on someone, or at least find that fighting to keep them in it takes so much energy that it violates the whole efficiency principle? You develop a wicked open guard game.

    I could sit here and go on and one about how spider guard is the shizzle for MMA and the beautiful thing don't have to believe me. Just go try it with an intelligent opponent in a rashguard and shorts and see if you can make it work.

    A good athlete understands the solid principles of the game, his body and the potential positions they can find themselves in with an opponent and takes it from there and IMO the mark of a good coach (Helio, Carlson, Jacare, Renzo, Gurgel...etc.) is that the majority of there athletes are good (not necessarily similar in style)
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