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    Alright mate.Was just reading the old debate last year on the forum about calsons and helios difference in style and basically calson prefence for the top postion and only going for bottom when yopu are forced into it becuase he viewed it as inferiour to the top.

    Anyway i have watched many of your fights, i notice you pull half guard alot to great success. I admire that but i do think its more difficult to play an inferior postion from the get go. Dont get me wrong it shows your skills if your pulling half guard agaisnt top level people and still winning.

    Anyway my question is why do you feel compfortable in the half guard postion? is it to do with your body type or is it just by chance that you started to learn more from that postion?. Was there times you felt like saying forget this half guard and trying to play from top or different stratergy??

    Congrats on your brown and i'm sure if your still doing half guard game by the time your black, you can write a book on it..
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    And thanks for the congrats. It's been a great ride so far. ^_^

    Take care,

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