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Thread: Sparring/Practice Partner/s - London

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    Question Sparring/Practice Partner/s - London

    Hi - am a white belt with about six months experience in BJJ.

    Have realised that I'm doing ok learning the drills but really need to work on sparring, which is probably not where it should be.

    Would be really keen to hook up with a training partner/s interested in doing specific sparring to perfect certain techniques and also free sparring to build my overall experience level. Gi and/or no-gi.

    Train 2-3x week so got the basics of technique in place, now need to start applying them a bit better - I'd like to expand on the sparring that I'm doing in class.

    Am based in London - Clapham - and would prob be looking to train on the weekends.

    Let me know if any interest out there!

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    Check out Nick Osipchak's New Wave Academy as its linked to a few BJJ clubs around SE London (including Clapham), plus Jamie Hillman's Brixton Club is round the corner from you
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    you won't find a better bjj teacher than Felipe in your area.

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    Stuart Forrester who trains under Felipe there is an extremely nice bloke I highly recommend him He'd probably be able to help you out.

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    Thanks guys for the messages. Am currently training at RGA Vie which is near my work and brilliant.

    Really just wanted to see if anyone close to where I live would be interested in doing a bit more work outside of classes. Did specific sparring last night and realised that the class wasn't going to be anywhere near long enough for me to not be rubbish . So really just want to do some extra sparring outside of any classes if anyone else feels they'd be looking to do something similar.


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    Ahh i see. try and get to rga hq on a staurday, that is an all sparring class (depending on what belt you are).

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    Stop reading my mind and cross-posting, JSho. It gets confusing. @_@
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    J and Stalks - thanks. Sounds good. Will def have a look into it. Cheers.

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    What nights are you at Vie mate ?

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    Hi mate - Tue/Thu 6pm (although not tonight) and then either Mon or Wed late class depending on what's going on at home....

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