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    Firstly thanks to the Cage Warriors guys for giving us our own hosted forum.

    The Gods of War opened their own MMA Gym in Reading Berkshire Sept 09 with 20 students. We now have over 160 students registered with an ever growing membership base and classes running 6 days a week throughout the day.

    Thanks to Pro Kumite we have an awesome 15ft training cage which we use to full effect in the MMA sessions and the cage has helped bring our Pro and Amateur Fight teams training to the next level. We also offer kickboxing, gi and no-gi grappling, strength and conditioning sessions, fighter sessions and personal training. We have also been able to host a number of seminars to date and have our first big in-house comp coming up in March. Our coaching team is made up of experienced instructors and we have recently taken on a strength and conditioning coach to the team and plans are in the pipeline for a Sports Therapist as well.

    Classes are informal and open to abilities but poor attitudes to training or other students will not be tolerated. Nor will trolling on our forum lol!!

    If you are interested in trainning with us then post on here, pm us or e-mail directly or visit our website.

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    Also just a quick note that this is a Club hosted forum so its here for members of our Club, guys who actually train with us.

    We welcome genuine input from people outside the Cub, promoters, other students etc but just trolling for the sake on it can be left to other threads please.

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    Bless the trolls. They just need some love

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