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    Ok guys, any ideas on subjects you'd like me to cover? We can do a Q&A type thing or individual subjects. Choice is yours.
    Anything I dont know I'll try do some research & find out for you all.

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    Why are you far inferior to our beloved resident the valiant Frakes?

    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Because my parents were siblings

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    Any usefull questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by colonel View Post
    Because my parents were siblings
    This would explain a lot.
    I'm no gynecologist but I know a cunt when I see one.

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    Exactly. The things children will get up to if there left unsupervised.

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    Cheers Colonel Riddy. I'll let the guys know, a few of them mentioned some questions today.

    Sledge-feel free to come down and train with the Colonel and then you will see who much he knows his stuff.

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    I got one. Although my training requirements arent the same as Phils, after last weeks seminar I have been trying to re-think my diet. I eat lots of veg and will be cutting down on my fruit by I rely on my processed carbs a lot. Being vegetarian I'm struggling to get the protein in and there are only so many damn nuts and omlettes I can eat. Any ideas?
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    You need to be making sure your getting some saturated fat & cholesterol in your diet, something vegetarians struggle with. Coconut oil will help, just start cooking everything in it. I love the stuff. As far as protein goes your going to have to go down the supplement route & start having shakes or aminos. Full fat yoghurts can be usefull. Avoid soya as protein source, its not even a food. Its prob my number 1 pet hate. Dirty shit.

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    spinach is great source of protein, brocolli & peas are fairly good to. With the eggs, try to use different types as eggs are higly allergenic & can easily lead to allergies/intolerances if consumed to much, its the same with nuts as well. Its important to rotate the foods regularly to prevent this

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