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    Cool-I'm not a big soya fan anyway, tastes like dog food. The spinach stuff is interesting though, I knew they were full or iron and folic acid but hadnt thought about them being sources of protein. Biggest issues tends to be eating on the go when we dont get home until late. Is raw spinich, brocolli etc ok as I dont often get to cook at home but I do take a lot of salald to work for lunch. I do like yoghurts though, I normally buy the Total 0% as it has no fat or sugar but I'll trade up to the full fat one. Thanks Colonel Riddy!
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    Full fat all the way mrs. Raw is great, its how nature intended it. The protein in them isn't fantastic but its prob the best from a veg source. I'll look into it more for you. As far as eating on the go goes, your just going to have to learn to plan ahead. Takes a bit of getting used to, but it'll soon become 2nd nature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martial Arts kitten View Post
    . Being vegetarian I'm struggling to get the protein in and there are only so many damn nuts and omlettes I can eat. Any ideas?
    ^cottage cheese, wholegrain breads/bagels, peanut butter, baked beans


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    Pretty sure you know my opinion on grains & baked beans.

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    I paid lots of attention during your aweseom 2 hour seminar so yep, I know how you feel about grains which is why I'm reducing them down lots and I've lost about 3lb so far. Baked beans-I dont remember that one but do I assume its all the stuff in the sauce rather than the actual bean themselves? I love chickpeas and butterbeans etc.
    MMA, Grappling and Kickboxing classes in Reading Berkshire

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    Its basically a tin off sugar. Although beans & pulses are a good source of protein & fibre to which is all good in my book.

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    Default Elbow hyper extension

    Hi Colonel, whats the quickest way to heal an elbow hyperextension ingury? I've been looking online and there was something about eccentric exercises that show the most improvement. Also is it better to keep the arm straight or bent during rest?


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    during rest you need to make your still getting the full range of motion or you end up with it healing shortened. I'm not saying you should force it though, if you get a lot of pain in 1 position then dont keep putting there. Maybe work to it slowly. Eccentric exercises do produce the most simulation although thats not always a good thing, depends on how your loading it. I'll look into it more & get beck to you on that as I dont want anybody making matters worse

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    Cool thanks, do you think those joint supplement pills such as jointace will help heal it any quicker? was hoping to compete in the in-house next month. seems unlikely in my current state though..

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    Lots of fish oils & cut sugar out as its can make inflammation worse. Some people find cherry active usefull & MSM is pretty good. It depends on the extent of the injury though. Its really guess work @ the mo without knowing more

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