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    Ive already completely cut out sugar since your s&c session and am slowly changing my diet as well. I'll try what you mentioned thanks, I have full range of movement in the elbow just feel sharp pain when completely closed or extended, most of the pain is on the inner side of the joint.

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    How did it happen, armbar?

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    Yeah, heard a cpl of clicks during the dend.

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    Sounds like it could be more than a strain. Have you had it looked it @?

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    Dear Colonel,

    I'm trying to give up the demon caffeine, mostly in the form of diet coke but I'm really struggling as I tend to only get 6-7 hours sleep max a night (thats because I work such long hours before the usual smut I expect from my guys begins).

    Is there anything I can take about 9am-10am to help get my brain in the game in front of my work PC? If I can pass this milestone caffeine free the rest of the day is not usually too bad.
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    What is the recipe for your highly regarded chicken? I am aware it uses 7 herbs and spices and is finger lickin good but beyond that I'm at a loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martial Arts kitten View Post

    Is there anything I can take about 9am-10am to help get my brain in the game in front of my work PC? If I can pass this milestone caffeine free the rest of the day is not usually too bad.
    I've heard that apples are more effective than coffee for giving you the much needed kick up the backside.

    Caffeine is something I need to drop as well, I use it far too much

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    Caffeine isn't bad as long as your not going overboard. Coffee is actually considered a superfood & has many health benefits. Dont really want anymore than 2 or 3 cups a day & it can be a problem for some people later in the day.
    The main thing i your energy dips & your using caffeine as a crutch is to keep your blood sugar stable. If you eat decent food every 3-4 hours you shouldn't get crashes. Making sure you get a good Bcomplex can make a world of differenc for a lot people as certain Bvits are involved in energy releasing. Staying hydrated obviously. Protein is also an issue as some amino acids are precursors to neurotransmitters that wake you up & activate you.

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    Just wondering, My friend is having an operation on his knee so is wearing weights around his ankles to build them stronger. my knee has been feeling dodgy, has been since i crashed my car 3 years ago but has seemed worse since starting MMA could i do the same thing to build up my muscles or is it more likely to be something other than just weak muscles?

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    Wearing weights round the ankles will have little affect on knee strength. For a start the weight isn't enough to do much, because its on the ankle means that when walking about most of the resistance is going to be moved from the hip flexors & glutes anyway, whatever is left over for the knee is taken care of with momentum.
    To really strengthen a joint closed chain excercises are much better from a functional perspective. i.e. Leg extension(open chain) = gayness, Front squat (closed chain) = the hight of manliness & is functionally usefull.
    It could be weak or imbalanced muscles or maybe its actuallythe joint itself. Its beyond the scope of a forum post for me to really know whats up with it.

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