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Thread: BJJ GI's - what should I get?

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    Default BJJ GI's - what should I get?

    I'm in the market for a BJJ GI up to about 100.

    Up until now i've been using an old Judo GI and I really need a BJJ GI for training and competitions.

    I've been looking at the Black Eagle site.
    They've got the Blue Gold Weave GI for 68 and a mundiall one for 88.

    Now the descriptions are both the same and i'm not sure if i'm just being a sucker for marketing, but i'm leaning towards the mundial version. Is there any actual difference that is worth the 20

    Also what other Gi's are worth considering?

    I'm well within my weight class so i'm not really overly fussed about having a really light gi. I don't mind the GI being heavy as I kind of like the feel of my judo GI. But in competition I don't want to give my opponents the advantage that goes with the looser cut etc.

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    Faixa Rua......

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    If you've got guys at your academy who are the same size & weight as you, try on their gis and see what you think. Everyone on here has different likes and dislikes, and different experiences with brands, which can be both helpful and misleading. You need to physically try the things on, otherwise it's all guesswork, even with people posting their opinions.


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    I have all 3 blackeagle Gi's ( wouldent buy anything else )
    I could feel the diff btwn the goldweave and Mundail straight way both quality but the Mundail is something special!.
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    What gi should I buy FAQ:

    Wise words. ^_^

    Take care,


    P.S. Buy Black Eagle, because they sponsor me. Giving them money makes them happy, which makes me happy. ^_^

    (And because their gis are the best)
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    Thanks Stalks. I reckon buying x2 60 gis is better than buying x1 100 gi.
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    i like the blitz gi's, there cheap and good quality. just dont buy a red one (because it was the first one you saw) there a nightmare1 well the tatami one is at any rate.

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    see this question all the time about gi's and to be honest im looking for a gi too but not sure what to get either. il likley got for a Faixa Rua as they get raving reviews here.

    Does it a matter what colour you get, im pretty shit and have only taken 3 BJJ classes in a gi before. Dont want to look like a tit with a black gi with a brand new white belt or is this acceptable?

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