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    Hi guys, looking to try and get in contact with someone to start a muay thai class? I'm a beginner and am struggling to find any contact details on the web. I know there is a class at body 2000 gym, but can't get hold of them or someone that runs the club.

    If someone could point me in the right direction?

    Thanks, Rob

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    01392 276 091

    i know they do an mma class

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    Thanks, have tried calling but no one is at home, guess it is a bank holiday...

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    Wouldn't happen to know the guy that runs the class, or if he's on here?

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    andy barker runs the mma, dont think he posts on here tho

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    Hi mate, try Project Mayhem. It's based in Exeter and MMA.
    Thundercatting across the universe...

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    Cheers for the info guys, been a help.

    Am trying to get hold of body gym and others at the moment, seeing which club i think will suit me best.


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    I know its not exeter but you could probably find a good contact here that could help.

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    Hi there this is my first post on this forum. Yes we run classes at Body 2000 Verney Street Tuesday 8-9, Thursday 8-9 and Saturday 1-2. Just to clarify we have no connection to Andy Barker.

    We work closely with Planet Combat as Kru Howard is one of our main advisors, as is Ajarn (Master) Ronnie Green who I qualified under. Check out our website or add us as a friend on Facebook 'Exeter and Honiton Muay Thai'. We have had clubs in Devon since 2008, I started training and fighting for Grand-Master Toddy and Master A in Manchester in the late 80's early 90's. We have put on 2 shows featuring Muay Thai and run regular gradings and interclubs and have another planned soon.
    We have 3 current Muay Thai champions.

    Yours in Muay Thai,
    Kru Sonny Perez

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