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Thread: "BlueprintMMA" New mma gym in Basingstoke opening soon!!!

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    Arrow "BlueprintMMA" New mma gym in Basingstoke opening soon!!!

    Hi Guys,

    Exciting times ahead ....i'm just about to get the keys to a unit in Basingstoke, which me and a few guys are gonna be kitting out over the next few weeks to make a top notch mma gym.

    The drawings of the layout for the gym look super cool. We've been chopping and changing a few things to fit the exact model of the space we have, roughly 1500sqft.

    1250sqft space will be fully matted, inc. 5ft high padding on the walls for superior training conditions.

    I have recieved interest from boxing, bjj, kickboxing and a couple of conditioning trainer's thus far. So there will be a great mix of MA and conditioning being taught at all levels from beginners to advanced.

    We'd love to hear from more MA trainers if they are interested in opening up to new clients and bringing more MA styles to are gym. We are currently in talks with a wadu ryu instructer also (i find it strange that Kung Fu isn't taught at many mma gyms...? imo certain forms of Karate are genius for nailing your timing.....) so that will great if we can bring this element in.

    We are also looking to hire the space out to existing MA classes, certainly in Basingstoke there is no full-time matted studio (maybe sports centre but they charge the earth....something like 40+ for an hour! and all those bloody stairs to climb!! they must think we're fit or something!!) our prices will be highly competitive (block booking discounts available) and free parking right outside the gym for plenty is a big bonus

    We also have great equipment for weight-training & conditioning - kettlebells, sandbags, punchbags, olympic bars, chin up stations, to make for some intense workouts, and great crossfit style classes.

    That's all the info i'm going to share at present, more to come, including pictures over the next few weeks.....i hope i've managed to make a few people lick their lips in anticipation....mine are dripping!! haha

    If you'd be interested in coming down and training please do drop me an email, so far the amount of interest looks very healthy indeed, which is great, we've promised ourselves to keep the class size's down to make for better teaching and involvement.

    If anybody has any thoughts or ideas about the gym, give me a shout. I love to hear about different ideas and nothing is set in stone, as of our plans yet.

    + if you'd like to see our estimated pricing and drawings of the layout, please feel free to email me at or send send me a message on here....... Be great to hear from you local guys that would come down and make it a great atmosphere to learn mma.

    cheers guy's

    Train Smart & hope to see you soon


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    Hi Caveman - Did you get any further with this?

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    I would be very interested, we are based just down the road in Andover, let me know how its going!

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    I havent heard of this opening as yet, best of luck if you have opened up the new gym. We may even be interested in arranging some interclub comps as you are so close. PM me if you are interested at all. Its always good to have local clubs we can work with to give the new guys some experience before they join the main fight teams.

    If for any reason it didnt go ahead and the guys above are still loooking for somewhere to train,we arent far out from Basingstoke. In fact a large number of our students travel to Reading to train with us as we have not only a large matted area but also a Pro Kumite Cage as well as a Strength & Conditioning area. We are holding a number of interclub comps, S&C seminars plus some opportunities to train with some real British MMA legends such as Leigh Remedios and possibly some others later in the year.

    For further details and photos please check out our website.
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    really hope this is still going ahead . I live in basingstoke and would be great to be able to train in my own town (i'm a lazy bugger when it comes to travelling anywhere).

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