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yeah it was Serra vs Marcio Feitosa 2001 ADCC 77kg final, and Renzo basically instructed them to close out the bracket - with Feitosa (the more senior memebr of Gracie Barra) taking the title
not at all uncommon in jiu jitsu tournies - Gracie Barra don't do it anymore but Alliance still do it

I want Renzo to win but think Hughes is more fight-fit, having been a lot more active over the past few years. Should be interesting

Cynically i think its all set-up for Hughes to win and for Dana to show Abu-Dhabi that him and 'his fighters' are superior to theirs (renzo having a long-standing affiliation with the Sheiks and going out there i think 7 times in 2009)
You're right that is very cynical lol