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Thread: Getting really fed up with my back...

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    Default Getting really fed up with my back...

    Was meant to go training 2 weeks ago for first time, snowed off, i then go to work last thursday and my back goes again lifting at work, leaving me feeling badly winded almost and unable to lift, went straight to doctors who has signed me off for 2 weeks, gotta go back this wednesday, and probebly get another 2 weeks off as although it has calmed i can still feel the problem there and i cant see it healing...

    So what can i do to get my GP to refer me to somewhere? i have a feeling he honestly thinks im too young for back problems/thinks i just wanna skive off work (when i really just wanna be at work doing overtime and paying some bills!)

    The pain feels near my right shoulder blade almost behind it, i also notice my right shoulder clicks now when i throw an overhand right, i sort of get a dull ache there for ages but when it goes it completely immobilises me and i cant lift anything, doing my head in!

    Sorry for the long moan, its just depressing, havnt felt the need to do anything like this before and i cant even give it a crack, also i havnt lifted any weights now for 4-5 weeks all the work iv done in the gym past 8 months im slowly losing aleady!
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    Can totally understand how you feel, had keyhole on my shoulder 2 years ago and found out recently I have disk problems in my lower back.

    I'm fortunate that I've got BUPA with work but by the sounds of your frustration I would give some serious consideration for paying for a private consulatation. I know its costly but will help you get some answers.

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