Hmmmm, if your naturally a good fighter then im sure doing this wouldnt really matter. There will be aspects of a semi contact style you can implement without going to a muay thai club or whatever it is. The movement for one would be essential, the habit of getting in, closing the distance and throwing the shots you want then moving back out of range very quickly could work wonders with the right fighter.

A great example of how well semi contact or 'points' can be taken across would be watching Raymond Daniels in the points fighting competitions then watching him in the WCL. A good talented fighter in his own right and martial art style like him has done it fantastically. Its all about how well you can adapt situations and use what you have learnt IMO.

If you can adapt a style and take bits from each art then there is no better nor worse to do.. unless your taking up some sort of martial art that isnt really combat orientated.