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Thread: mike swanbo your actions were less than favourable

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    Thumbs down mike swanbo your actions were less than favourable

    You did not reply to my text so I want to make sure you read this.
    The pads and mats were given to us which means you cannot just waltz in at any time and take them back as ownership has been transfered.
    Thats not what pissed me off. It was the fact you rang me and said you are in the area and would like to have a look at the gym and say hello. This was a false pretense which we both know.
    To then walk across the mat in your shoes during an outside instructors lesson was just down right rude.
    And no my fighters will not fight on your poxy show which, in your words, are not there to better mma just purely to make you money.
    Don't darken my doors again with your made up achievements and shit fighting skills. It odd when people talk a good game but never come up with the goods to prove it.
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