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Thread: mike swanbo your actions were less than favourable

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    mike needs a knife and fork cause he just got served.
    il be back.

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    'Cant hear you mate'

    Nice one, hehe.

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    Lol at chris description - very good.

    He actualy approached me with the tag line " hi I'm mike swambo and I have done around 40 shows the past year"

    hence the bullshit / reality detector coming straight into play.

    Needless to say it a accelerated rapidly downhill from there on in.
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    I feel sorry for anyone who would end up doing 40 UK MMA shows.

    That's my idea of torture

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    i swear he held an event like, in a
    il be back.

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    " I Am Not Mad I Tell You......not Mad, Not Maddddddddddddd, Argggghhhhhhhhhh,



    I Have Done 40 Shows I Tell You ....................medics
    Medics, They Want My Details.............................
    .....they Want Me, They Want Me,................ They Are All After

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    Ok I admit I added the cant hear you mate part in, but the rest is exactly how it went, until I could bare no more and spared him the audience.

    For anyone thinking I am jumping on this and joining in just to have a go at Mike, well to be truthful I wouldnt have posted at all unless I actually I had my own reasons for not exactly being Swambo's biggest fan.

    At another show last year we had an 18yr old fighting semi-pro rules against a guy well into his 30s.
    Fair enough, anyway Swambo came into our dressing room and amongst other bullshit spreading with various other persons, cleverly got onto our lad whilst he was warming up and told him his opponent was a real banger, an experienced boxer with knock out power and that he was best off getting it to the ground fast.
    I was wary of him as he does make me uncomfortable but since we knew nothing of our opponent took it at face value.
    Anyway it turns out the guy was not much of a boxer at all but rather a judoka of 18 yrs who had previously beaten Karo Parysian, Swambo simply lied because the guy had stepped in as a replacement to fight our lad and was going to be fighting on AFL a couple of weeks later.

    Some may call it gamesmanship, others down right dirty. But to go out of your way to disadvantage an inexperienced 18yr old lad like that makes me think youre a total scumbag if Im being honest.

    Anyway our lad gave everything despite being thrown multiple times by the judoka and wound up winning via triangle from mount. So there you go.
    Dont be surprised when they quit; be surprised when they dont!!

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    I've never met him but have only heard bad stuff about him, lol. -

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    Quote Originally Posted by i got guillotined View Post
    i swear he held an event like, in a
    two,i was on them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob T View Post
    I've never met him but have only heard bad stuff about him, lol.
    Same here and the more I hear the worse it gets

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