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Thread: Attention Boro People.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauljono1120 View Post
    Suprised companies dont jump to the chance for free workers.
    Whilst you efforts should be applauded, the problem is they still have to find time to train/coach you - especially if you have no similar experience or qualifications (I know it's catch 22 as you need a job to gain experience).

    With some companies cut to the bare bone some just don't have time to do this.
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    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I'll do some digging Jono, Groundwork (who I work for run an employment programme for people your age in Durham, we have offices in Boro so might do it there too) I'll ask and find out, its 20 hours a week minimum wage but guaranteed work and they put you through GNVQs and stuff too ME

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