Alrite guys....

Looking for some advice,

I have trained in MMA for about 18months now.

each session is a mixture of kettlebells conditioning, bjj, muay thai and wrestling, very intense.

I do 2 hour sessions, 3-4 times a week.

Current supplementation -

Phd Synergy before training or mid afternoon on non training days,
Phd Pharma Gain mid morning with some berries,
Phd Recovery after my sessions,
Phd Catalyst morning and night
3 Omega caps before bed with some lean protein and no carbs.

I have a reasonable knowledge of nutrition and eat 3 good meals a day working around the above supplements. This was working great and still does every 2nd week...........

Problem is I have recently moved to a nightshift roster, week on/week off.
Great time off but I'm struggling with my diet during the night..... I don't know whether I should be treating my nightshift as a normal day or should I be changing things up during my shift? I find it hard and Im just not hungry after midnight which is a long time to go without calories if Im not home and eating until half 7 ish.

My shifts are 21:00 - 06:30. I go for a 4mile jog when I get home, then have my porridge and head to bed for 5-6 hours. I do a kettlebell workout 3 times during my week off as well, no MMA training though due to my shifts and distance I need to travel.

Just looking for a couple of opinions,