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Thread: Nightshift dilema!?

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    Default Nightshift dilema!?

    Alrite guys....

    Looking for some advice,

    I have trained in MMA for about 18months now.

    each session is a mixture of kettlebells conditioning, bjj, muay thai and wrestling, very intense.

    I do 2 hour sessions, 3-4 times a week.

    Current supplementation -

    Phd Synergy before training or mid afternoon on non training days,
    Phd Pharma Gain mid morning with some berries,
    Phd Recovery after my sessions,
    Phd Catalyst morning and night
    3 Omega caps before bed with some lean protein and no carbs.

    I have a reasonable knowledge of nutrition and eat 3 good meals a day working around the above supplements. This was working great and still does every 2nd week...........

    Problem is I have recently moved to a nightshift roster, week on/week off.
    Great time off but I'm struggling with my diet during the night..... I don't know whether I should be treating my nightshift as a normal day or should I be changing things up during my shift? I find it hard and Im just not hungry after midnight which is a long time to go without calories if Im not home and eating until half 7 ish.

    My shifts are 21:00 - 06:30. I go for a 4mile jog when I get home, then have my porridge and head to bed for 5-6 hours. I do a kettlebell workout 3 times during my week off as well, no MMA training though due to my shifts and distance I need to travel.

    Just looking for a couple of opinions,



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    I have a very similar problem except that i change between nights and days at random within the week and generally only get a couple of hours sleep between nights as sleeping in the day isn't a skill im able to master.

    I generally just end up eating 6 small meals overnight (12 in a 24hr period) aswell and doubling my calorie intake or i end up really dropping my weight.

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    I work nights and days and try to maintain 6-7 meals during my waking hours irrespective of whether i'm working days or nights. It can be difficult to keep an appetetite at 4am at first but you soon get used to it.

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