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Thread: Keeping up with the animal them on CW's

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    Quote Originally Posted by ross90 View Post
    Gaydar Where the hell are you?! There is somebody talking about dressing up his dog here......Bateman, what you say cannot be unsaid. Don't do it mate.
    obviously the Gaydar does not think that this thread is romo , cup cakes !

    If you need a friend, get a dog !

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    at least I had a thread about a manly cat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bateman View Post
    obviously the Gaydar does not think that this thread is romo , cup cakes !
    Lmao! He will go down in my estimations if he doesn't seize the opportunity. Either he is dead, or YOU are gaydar...
    How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies

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    The best things Pugs ever did was be bred with Mastiffs to make the manly English Bulldog

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    You should trade in your pugly beast for the ultimate canine: the welsh springer spaniel. Here is my killing machine at 8 weeks old. You can also see this little chap on the Pets at Home shopping bags (available nationwide) and on the banners for venture photo studios.

    PS Take him to training classes- they are well worth it.
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    shoulda got a Border Terrier dude that was my compromise my bird wanted a small dog because we allready have a 14 yr old staffy she decided a pug was for her but i told her im not fucking walking the gay looking fuck so we settled on a border terrier a small manly dog ... so manly infact even my bitch has a beard!!!!
    wax on wax off

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    pugs are amazing!! they are so funny! really hyper and playful..not yappy wee fuckers though.

    those star wars costumes are hilarious

    oh and bulldogs ftw


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    This is what we have.

    Liddell: 'I'll fight anyone, Silva? Yeah sure, Quinton Jackson? Sure, Randy Couture? Sure'

    Reporter: 'What about Fedor Emelianenko?'

    Liddell: 'Well if I'll have to...I'll fight him...if I have to'

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    Quote Originally Posted by pie eater View Post
    This is what we have.

    Quality dog!!

    Is it a wire haired fox terrier??

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    Can't go wrong with a labrador. Other than Susan Boyle they are the best breed of dog on the planet!!

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