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Thread: Newbie help!

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    Default Newbie help!

    Hi folks,

    I've just got to the stage where I'd like to start doing some Jui-Jitsu. (I do muay thai and will keep that up, but quite fancy working on some ground stuff).

    I know where I'm going to do it, but I've just been looking at gis and they all seem to be between 70-90!

    Anyone know where I can get one on the cheap? I will buy a better one eventually but is a bit tight at the moment.

    Cheers for any pointers!

    If I'm stupid to be looking for cheap ones for any reason please let me know and I'll start saving!

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    Not the cheapest, but they are VERY well thought of.

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    Hello Maix23

    If your just starting out then look at a judo gi as they will do the job as a start gi ~ judo gi's are a longer cut than a ju jitsu gi but are made to the same standard as basic jits suits.

    Blitz do a Lutador Gi ~ cost 60.00 and I sell loads to the jits guys at this end, a good gi and they look the part ~ then look at a top of the range when you have took a few belts.

    you are a stand up fighter and some dont like the ground work so make sure and dont spend silly money yet.

    if you decide to go on my site and buy then use the code " cage warriors " as it will get you a 10% discount.

    Hope this helps

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    I'll take a look at both.

    I think you hit the nail on the head CKA. I only spent money on my thai gloves/pads once I knew i was going to get good use out of them.

    If i spend 60 on a gi and i don't really get on with BJJ then I'm a little stuffed!

    I've always been one to look before i leap though!

    Anyone understand the sizing? I'm 6 foot 3 and i weigh 18 stone (114kg/252lb)

    Cheers for the assistance.

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    I bought my Blitz Lutador Gi new with tags from ebay for 40 and 5 delivery.

    You could always by a cheap 25 Judo Gi, which is fine for BJJ.

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    Buy a cheap as chips judo gi. Until you know that you want to stick with BJJ, it's not worth paying more then 30 for any gi. Get one that's about 2 inches too long, and then after a couple of washes it'll fit ok.


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    Maix23, where are you based?

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    you can 40 gis some places, tatami do good deals.
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    Take G 81's suggestion and go for an inexpensive 20 Judo Gi.. ii bought an inexpensive Blitz one ii have to be fair it's really good quality && untill you're really serious about BJJ and have done it a while I wouldn't bother spending out on one just yet.


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    Gi advice for newbies:

    Cheapest judo gi is from Playwell Martial Arts.

    for mid-price gis - reviews here and here.

    Hope this helps.
    Meerkatsu's BJJ Blog

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