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Thread: Newbie help!

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    Out of interest, are Judo gi's really up to the rigours of BJJ?

    I know they take lots of abuse in Judo, but are they really up to be used for collar chokes etc?

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    If they can take being used as a handle to lift and fling someone across the room, then a little collar choke is nothing. The seam between the top half of the jacket and the skirt section is probably the weakest part of a judo gi jacket, but the real weak part of budget judo gis are the pants, as they don't get exposed to the gripping and pulling forces that you get in BJJ. But even so they will generally hold up just as well as any pants you get with a BJJ gi.


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    or check the Tuff Fightwear shop on ebay


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    Thanks guys, lots of good advice here...

    I've spoken with Ju-Jitsu trainer at my gym and he has his own gis for sale... i didn't ask how much but i suspect i'm buying one from him now!

    I'm sure the trainer will get something out of it so i'd rather do it that way.

    Will have to wait to take the plunge though due to financial restraints. Dam recession messing with my training!

    Thanks again for the advice.

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