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Thread: Teaching kids

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    thanks for the replies so far people,

    Jim williams-which school do you go to and i might pop along to a taster session.

    dougbug-the ones i'm specifically talking about are at an after school club so they range from 5 upwards to 14 year olds.

    I teach mainly in primary schools and do a couple of secondary schools. all the kids in the primary schools love it and listen to what i'm saying. i even have two classes of girls now who at first were "i don't wanna wrestle" now its "let me on the mat! now!"

    as said the ones at this after school club are as thick as two short planks but as there my clients you might say i wanna do my best to teach them then if that fails then i can do what alot of you are saying and fuck the ones who don't wanna learn off.

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    Games is the key to get them involved if they are that young, even if its speed & reaction games for the little older ones. If they still will not listen to you then as bad as it is you ask them to leave!

    At the end of the day your not a baby sitting service despite what some parents tend to think! The more time you spend controlling the trouble makers the less time you have to focus on the ones willing to learn

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    Hi wresltewar

    I have been teaching kids for nearly 25 years and what has worked for me is Merit Awards ~ get hold of a cheap medal, or get a print shop to do you some cheap stickers.

    I do a sweetie lesson every couple of months ~ the ones that dont work get fuck all and the ones that do get sweets ~ as stupid as it sounds - just wait and see what happens when student A gets a freebie and student B dosent - at my classes it has sorted the students from the dick heads very qucikly.

    Blitz Sport are doing some cheap patches at the moment ~ get the school to sort some extra cash out for them and again only give it to ones that work hard.

    I am due to start a merit award patches system that I am going to sell through the shop which may work for you long term.

    Kids are like dogs ~ give them a treat when they behave and they will do what you want them to do ~ shout at them and they will be scared or retaliate

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    Knock Out Trophies ~ Stockport 0161 480 7894 ~ do some nice cheap trophies
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    Default ~ are doing some cheap Samurai Sam Patches ~ ideal for the younger student ~ worked for me
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    ah shit, I was going to suggest shouting 'don't waste my fucking time!!!' or 'if you complain once more, I'm going to take a shit on your face' - both of which I have seen have a marked effect on cheeky youngsters.

    CKA sounds more sensible than me though lol
    'Go read a fucking book, you piece of shit.'

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    CKA Martial arts-good idea mate, gonna look into that , awards seem the way to go and the sweetie thing sounds good! i might award myself.

    Tinerrz-good video, definietly gonna take some stuff of there,

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    Hey mate, I'm a secondary school teacher specialising in learning and behaviour support.
    If i can help in any way feel free to PM me.
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