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Thread: Mitsubishi L200

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    Default Mitsubishi L200

    Does anyone on here own one or driven one? I'm looking to book a test drive in the next two weeks or so and want some feedback on good and bad points it will be used as a company car.

    My clk can't keep up with carrying bigger and bigger boxes around the place

    I'm mainly interested in the automatic version but not sure what they auto systems are like... If not then ill fall back on a Vito with crew cab

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    A guy who lives in my estate has one with what look like at least 21" alloys on it.

    I realise this is no help to you whatsoever. -

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    are you going new or used? they tend to be reliable but more expensive to fix than other jap 4x4s

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    I appreciate the input never the less Rob

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    I was thinking about going new

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    Have a look at the Hilux as well

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    Dont get one mate!!!!

    My brother has had endless issues with his one which was bought brand new. I'm not saying don't get one because of reliability, as my bro has just been unlucky with his one, but Mitsibishi's customer service is one of the worse around. They have even been known to destroy customer complaints. Do a google search on mitsubishi customer service and complaints.

    Obviously if the car ends up being reliable, you will never see this side of them, but I'd rather go to a company which has better customer service and who aren't completely rude.

    p.s. my brother's L200 has been into mitsubishi with various problems about 4 times over 2 years. Each time they dont find a problem. Now they are changing the head gasket, which will take another 2 months because they havent got some of the parts!!!! and they wont give my bro a replacement van/truck so he's losing money with his business.

    I'll never go to them.

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    I'd go for toyota. All the farmers up my way do well with toyota.
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    Cheers for that G_81 yeah been googling and come up with similar things myself...

    Looks like I may be going for vito after all. Not a big fan of the Toyota to be honest

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    Nissan Mate ~ The backs addon cabs look a lot better and they are a wider truck so easier on the rear passengers

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