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Thread: Mitsubishi L200

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    I think Ian Freemans got one hasn't he (to keep the MMA theme)

    Doesn't have a signature anymore

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    Check out the Nissan Navara. I had one as a company car and I was really impressed with it. Also I found the built in Sat Nav was the best one I have used.

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    One of my friends had the red bull one and my dad has an L200, good cars, but not fast as they are so heavy.

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    I drive a now 3year old Animal, bought brand new, sports utility backbox and rear parking sensors and a couple of other things as extras.

    Best vehicle I've ever had!! Also got a BMW 325i Msport CC, and I prefer driving the Animal...

    Fast and economical too, 35-40mpg which is great for the size and the way I drive, Animal comes with the power pack on it, and the all leather interior ect. Regularly use it to rocket up to the inlaws in Scotland, a 450mile journey home to Glasgow, and it cruises nicely at 80-90 without the fuel suffering too much.

    Best bit is all my smelly gloves and pads go in the back, doesn't stink out the cab!

    I test drove loads of 4x4s before settling on the Animal - it even ticked more boxes for me than a new Disco....

    New one's are just about to come out too...

    Mind you, my next will be a new Range Rover, I've promised myself...


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    Spent the weekend looking around and now we think we may ditch this idea all together and get a box trailer and a E class estate...

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    400 road tax & the turning circle is fucking huge.
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