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Thread: Georges St. Pierre thinks Dan Hardy is his toughest opponent to date.

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    Default Georges St. Pierre thinks Dan Hardy is his toughest opponent to date.

    I cannot wait to see this fight. Maybe Hardy can "Serra" GSP OR maybe Hardy is better than a lot of people think.

    Some questions will be answered for sure.

    source: Georges St. Pierre: "I'm not fighting to be champion anymore. I'm fighting for a legacy."

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    I actually think Dan can do it.

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    praise from ceasar
    "The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war"

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    if anything, Hardy has the stand-up. he has to utilize it. he has to defend the take-down and get back to his feet. when you have top wrestlers like Koscheck/Fitch getting out-wrestled by GSP... it doesn't benefit you to wrestle the guy like Hardy said.

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    I think dan can do it as well. Its not even just "supporting the british fighter" He has the ability, and he has more than earned it!
    How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with the puppies

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    No disrespect to hardy but I don't see a single area where he has the edge over GSP. I can remember an interview where the champ said he's gonna surprise a lot of people on the feet and he has a tendency to do exactly what he says in the build up to the fight, must be so frustrating for his opponents!

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    It will all depend on the day.. If he'd at his best ii think Dan is gonna prove to a lot of people how good he really is and may even cause an upset. Dan is an amazing talent.. and one way or another he'll be the Champion sooner or later!


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    I think Dan has all the tools to beat GSP, how he applies them is whats gonna allow him to take this fight IMHO - and he's shown how clever a fighter he is.
    Time and time again I think this is demonstrated with "underdog" fighters.
    Mousasi beating Kang/Jacare, who saw that coming? We could plow through examples all day.

    Of course GSP's the favorite, what with his wrestling ability and multitude of other skills but I got a gut feeling were gonna see a changing of the guard, or at the least, a problem presented to GSP of the kind we haven't seen before.

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