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Thread: BJJ Premier - Bristol open results

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    Default BJJ Premier - Bristol open results

    Apologies to anyone that has been missed off, incorrectly placed, etc. If anyone lets me know I will update. Also with regards to the juvenile results the people on the tables forgot to add which club they were from on the sheets I was handed so if you can identify any of them please also let me know.
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    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    Nothing comes up for me, anyone else cant see them?
    This is not a gif. It is an actual video of Fedor doing infinate press ups.

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    awesome win for pedro against monstro well done

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    My first fight, feedback is welcome I'm wearing the green/yellow belt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jak-TapouT- View Post
    Nothing comes up for me, anyone else cant see them?
    What browser are you using? It was a little temperamental when I was using chrome but they come up fine on IE.
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    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    not working for me. How did big Luke get on?

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    Kids White Rooster Club
    Liam Martin 1st GB Derby
    Jordan Sargeant 2nd PB

    Kids Under 60kg
    Jonah Osborn 1st GB Derby
    Callum Edwards 2nd
    Wesley Morgan 3rd
    Ahren Foster 3rd PB

    Kids under 50kg
    Annie Brown 1st PB
    Sean Rissoli 2nd
    Harry Bartlett 3rd PB
    Rory Edwards 3rd

    Kids Under 65kg
    Kieran Mc Master 1st
    Edan Turner 2nd
    Jordan Sait 3rd
    Josh Evans 3rd

    Juvenile blue light
    Jason Woods 1st
    Louis Bailey 2nd

    Juvenile Male Super Heavy - White
    Sam Gilbert 1st
    Shane Ansell 2nd

    Adult Female white feather
    Vanessa English 1st GB Derby
    Chun-Yee Cheng 2nd RGA

    Adult Female White Medium Heavy
    Hannah Gorman 1st Italo Ferreira
    Hadija Inoussa 2nd Checkmat

    Female Adult White Absolute
    vanessa english 1st GB Derby
    hadja inoussa 2nd
    vikki todd 3rd
    hannah gorman 3rd Italo Ferreira

    Adult Female Blue Feather
    Christine McDonagh 1st GB Derby
    Pippa Granger 2nd PB

    Adult Female Blue Light
    Leoni Munslow 1st PB
    Samantha Cook 2nd Italo Ferreira Shared gold - same team

    Adult Blue Absolute
    Leoni Munslow 1st BJJ School
    Christine 2nd
    Pippa Granger 3rd PB

    Adult Male White Super Feather
    Sean McDonagh 1st GB Derby
    Ishak Kazi 2nd Italo Ferreira
    Charlie Couldridge 3rd Cornwall BJJ

    Adult Male White Feather
    Salar Moorgan 1st PB
    Rusians Neilands 2nd De Souza BJJ
    Antony Bale 3rd RGA
    Jack Notebaert 3rd Relson Gracie

    Adult Male White Light
    John Brown 1st RGA
    Neil Jones 2nd Tsunami BJJ
    Paul Farrugia 3rd BJJ School
    Morgan Kennedy 3rd Vitor Shaolin

    Adult Male White Middle
    Szymon Waslak 1st BJJ School
    Nathan Dewart 1st BJJ School
    Joe Butler 3rd PB
    Marcus Berryman 3rd Cornwall BJJ
    Edward Shephard 3rd EC BJJ

    Adult Male Medium Heavy
    Sam Duncombe 1st GB Essex
    Tom Collier 2nd Italo Ferreira
    Patryck Pawlak 3rd GB Derby
    Gareth Ruek 3rd RGA

    Adult White Heavy
    Andrezj Kopec 1st De Souza
    Andrew Kerr 2nd De Souza
    Carl Farmen 3rd De Souza
    Kevin Cassar 3rd Bushido BJJ

    Adult Male Super, Super heavy
    Stuart Austin 1st Italo Ferreira
    Eugeny Barty???? Budokwai JJ
    Francisco Quintana 3rd RGA
    Ryan Dunford 3rd PB

    Adult Absolute white
    Nathan Dewart 1st BJJ School
    Stuart Austin 2nd Italo Ferreira
    Ryan Campbell 3rd Clan GB
    Louis Baileys 3rd BJJ School

    Master Male White Super Feather
    Mark Taylor 1st Sukata
    Vitali Kovalysin 2nd Checkmat

    Master Male White Feather
    Brendan Conway 1st Impact
    Kevin Doherty 2nd Cornwall BJJ
    Tim Bonney 3rd GB Plymouth

    Master Male White light
    Szymon Madjeski 1st Italo Ferreira
    Robin Vacquier 2nd GB Plymouth
    Matt Wilson 3rd Kamon BJJ

    Master Male White Middle
    Branislav Ivanic 1st Checkmat
    Adam Armfield 2nd Clan GB
    David Bowman 3rd GB Plymouth
    Seamus Kelly 3rd RGA

    Master Male White Medium heavy
    Jeremy Tucker 1st De Souza BJJ
    Jason Bethell 2nd De Souza BJJ
    Paul Long 3rd Sitwaton MA
    Neil Parsons 3rd GB Braulio

    Master Male White Super Heavy
    Stefan Weir 1st BJJ School
    Jason Grant 2nd Checkmat
    Aaron Hambly 3rd PB

    Master Male White Super, super Heavy
    Piotr Sztejner 1st Impact
    Simon Payne 2nd PB
    Mark Wieberg 3rd PB

    Masters white absolute
    Jason Bethell 1st De Souza
    Joblu Khan 2nd Vitor Shaolin
    Adam Armfield 3rd Clan GB
    Seamus Kelly 3rd RGA

    Adult Male Super Feather
    Dan Gandy 1st PB
    Jon Nicholson 2nd GB Cambridge
    Ben Vickers 3rd MMA Clinic
    James Normandson 3rd GB Derby

    Adult Male Feather -Blue
    Curtis Dodge 1st PB
    Jan Wallus 2ns EC BJJ
    Colin Smith - 3rd Griphouse
    Robbie Fallon - 3rd GB Lagarto

    Adult Male Light - Blue
    Ross Nicholls 1st PB
    Ashleigh Grimshaw 2nd New State AC
    Arron Owen 3rd GB Nuneaton
    Donal Carmody 3rd GB Braulio

    Adult Male Middle - Blue
    Craig Ewers 1st PB
    Bartlomej Rozmiarek 2nd BJJ Scotland
    Stuart Barclay 3rd PB
    Joel Snape 3rd RGA

    Adult Male Middle Heavy - Blue
    Richard Williams 1st PB
    Dan O'Connell 2nd PB
    Stephen Amberley 3rd PB
    Hugo Portuga Holme 3rd PB

    Adult Male Blue Heavy
    Adam Davies 1st PB
    Adam Kiely 2nd Italo Ferreira
    Ben Mazouni 3rd Cornwall BJJ

    Adult Male Blue Super Heavy
    Christopher Bowe 1st GB Braulio
    Lawrence Griffiths 2nd RGA

    Master Male Blue Feather
    William Santos 1st RGA
    Paul Moylett 2nd PB
    Jim Notini 3rd BJJ Scotland
    David Cooper Vitor Shaolin

    Master Male Blue Light
    Mohammed Itommaine 1st BTT
    Robert Mc Grum 2nd BJJ School
    Victor Frontczak 3rd EC BJJ
    Artur Dudzinski 3rd EC BJJ

    Master Male Blue Middle
    Pedro Garcia 1st BJJ School
    Tony Mason 2nd PB

    Master Male Blue Heavy
    Martin Lawson 1st PB
    Kieran Hambly 2nd PB
    Jason Birth 3rd RGA

    Master Male Blue Super, super heavy
    Matt Stevens 1st GB
    Luke Taylor 2nd PB
    Jason Bell 3rd CG BJJ
    Fazal Khan 3rd RGA

    Absolute Blue Master
    Jason Bell 1st Carlson Gracie
    Luke Taylor 2nd PB
    Phil Clegg 3rd GB Braulio
    Andrew Annear 3rd Cornwall BJJ

    Adult Male Purple Light
    Simon Davies 1st PB
    Luiz Finocchio 2nd De Souza
    Stephan Martin 3rd GB Braulio
    James Nardone 3rd Factory BJJ

    Adult male purple middle
    Paddy Carmody 1st GB Braulio
    Mohammed Bilbaisi 2nd Team Mirza

    Adult Purple Male Middle heavy
    Stuart Gwitt 1st GB Braulio
    Rory Quarrier 2nd BJJ School
    Tim Lukes 3rd Cornwall BJJ
    Delroy McDowell 3rd BTT

    Adult Male purple Heavy
    Luke Costello 1st Exeter BJJ
    Valerio Sousa 2nd Coventry
    David Allinson 3rd PB
    Andrew Manning 3rd PB

    Adult Male Purple Super, Super Heavy
    Rafael Neary 1st Checkmat

    Elite Lightweight
    Marcos Nardini 1st BJJ Scotland
    Eduardo Azevedo 2nd Checkmat
    Oli Geddes 3rd RGA
    Kev Cox 3rd PB

    Elite Heavyweight
    Pedro Bessa 1st PB
    Monstro 2nd
    Leonardo Quieroz 3rd
    Norbert Nowak 3rd GB Braulio
    Pedro Bessa BJJ Bristol. Sweatbox MMA.
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    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    Updated the link in the first post with revised details (I missed them off the first list!)
    Pedro Bessa BJJ Bristol. Sweatbox MMA.
    Quote Originally Posted by God of CW View Post
    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reedy View Post
    not working for me. How did big Luke get on?
    2nd in the absolute and I can't remember if he did his weight cat or not.
    Pedro Bessa BJJ Bristol. Sweatbox MMA.
    Quote Originally Posted by God of CW View Post
    God likes head kick knock outs.

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    what an amazing day. Top quality Black and brown belts thrashing it out.


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