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    Got a few Q's as i've noticed you guys have been busy as late.

    1 (a). Who sanctions ISKA British/UK (MMA) Title Fights. Is there a body who does this, or is it up to the individual promoter to chose the guys who are fighting for the Titles.

    1 (b) If the IKSA UK sanctions and chooses the Title Fights from their central body. Are you then looking to get the best UK MMA fighters to fight for your Titles.

    1 (c) What are the conditions for the Title fights. IS their set pay, rounds, rules, tests, membership requirements.

    2. Say a UK fighter wins an ISKA World Title in another country (e.g. Yank land) Could that fighter be forced to defend that Title in an ISKA UK event for considerably less money and be stripped if that fighter then refuses.

    Thanks for your time

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