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Thread: The bjj commandments

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    Full list;

    1. Have no other gods before Rickson.
    2. Do not make wrongful use of the name of Rickson.
    3. Observe the competition day.
    4. Honour thy instructor.
    5. Do not kill using jiu-jitsu.
    6. Do not be a creonte.
    7. Neither shall you teach techniques to other academies.
    8. Respect the tap.
    9. Do not covet thy training partnerís belt.
    10. Neither shall you desire your training partnerís gi, gumshield, kneepads or underarmor.
    Gold!!! Love it!!!

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    There is no god but Rolles and Rickson is his prophet!

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    Dude's that has mad my day!!! hahaahhahaha!!! ROFL!!!

    Ok here is a task for you guys.

    1. The story of creation but in BJJ Terms.

    2. The Story of Noahs Ark ;-)

    (Sits back and watches the magic happen)

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    In the beginning Maeda created Carlos and Helio.

    And the art was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of jiu-jitsu. And the spirit of Kano Jigoro moved upon the Gracies.

    And Carlos said, Let there be students: and there were students.

    And Helio saw the techniques, that they used strength: and Helio divided the leverage from the strength.

    And Helio called the leverage "pure, Helio Gracie jiu-jitsu", and the strength he called "sport jiu-jitsu that did not emphasize defense".

    That'll do for now!! -

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    Zen Ricksonism

    When facing a single tree, if you look at a single one of its red leaves, you will not see all the others. When the eye is not set on one leaf , and you face the tree with nothing at all in mind, any number of leaves are visible to the eye without limit. But if a single leaf holds the eye, it will be as if the remaining leaves are not there.

    One who has understood this is no different from the Kannon of Rickson.

    The ordinary man simply believes that he is blessed because he is Rickson. The man of half baked wisdom, wondering how anyone could be Rickson, calls it a lie and gives in to slander. But if now one understands a little better, he will have a respectful belief based on principle and will not need the simple faith of the ordinary man or the slander of the other and he will understand that Ricksonianism, with this one thing, manifests its principles well.

    All religions are like this. I have seen especially that Buddism and Shinto are like this.

    The ordinary man thinks on the surface, the man who attacks Ricksonism is even worse.

    This religion, that religion, there are many kinds but at their deepest points they are all settled in one conclusion.

    At any rate, when one practices a discipline and moves from the beginners territory to immovable wisdom, he makes a return and falls back to the level of the beginning, the abiding place.

    There is a reason for this.

    Again, we can speak with reference to your own martial art. As the beginner knows nothing about either his body posture or the position of his limbs, neither does his mind stop anywhere within him. If a man strikes at him he simply meets the attack with nothing in mind.

    As he studies and is taught the diverse ways to posture, the manner of grasping the Gi, and where to put his mind, his mind stops in many places. Now if he wants to submit an opponent, he is extraordinarily discomforted. Later, as days pass and time piles up, in accordance with his practice, neither the postures of his body or the ways of grasping the Gi are weighed in his mind. His mind simply becomes as it was in the beginning when he knew nothing and had yet to be taught anything at all.

    In this one sees the sense of the beginning being the same as the end, as when one counts from one to ten, and the first and the last numbers become adjacent.

    In other things – musical pitch, for example, when one moves from the beginning lowest pitch to the final highest pitch – the lowest and the highest become adjacent.

    We say that the highestand the lowest come to resemble each other. Ricksonism, when you reach its very deapths, is like the man who knows nothing of Rickson or the Ricksonist commandments. It has neither adornment not anything else that would draw mens attention to it.

    The ignorance and afflictions of the beginning, abiding place and the immovable wisdom become one. The function of the intellect dissapears and one ends in a state of No-Mind-No-Thought. If one reaches the deepest point, arms legs and body remember what to do, but the mind does not enter into this at all.
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