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Thread: Belt whipping for promotion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagon View Post
    whippped and thrown at our club - it's not compulsary (But everyone will question your sexuality if you don't )

    There were random people running in and whipping Craig when he got his purple belt at Saturdays comp. I couldn't quite get over the barrier to him
    I wonder if the Judo guys will give him a whipping as well

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    [The way some people talk about it you would think it was like being tortured or something. You can barely feel it!!/QUOTE]

    I have to disagree. Getting whipped at Carlsons was like been lynched by an angry mob. At the risk of seeming quite gay.. I was a bit traumatized.. at the next whipping I barely raised my belt to the guys who had received new belts. I saw a white belt putting a knot in his belt and pointed out to him that what goes around comes around, after a quick think about it he did agree that it might come back to bite him in the arse.
    Man, the last whipping at Carlsons was a thing to behold. I can safely say I have not experienced anything like it (I only had about 15 guys whip me for my blue). Best moment was one guy joking about whipping the others then got a belt himself and his first words were: "f**k". Brilliant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by trev01 View Post
    ha aha ahha a, shut up!

    its all done in fun mate, dont take it too seriously.
    I totally agree mate, I am not saying there is bad intention or some kind of nasty idea of hurting the guys, I just felt that the answer saying it's all part of tradition didn't make sense...that's it and I won't shut up

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    Carlson Club London is not kidding around
    Best guy in the video is the white guy in white gi, the third on left, he is on a rampage around 0:27, he found a way to whip 3 times the dude on the back...ahah.... ....if he is on this forum congrats to him for the
    At first I thought there was one row but it's like a circle and the guys keep coming back In all fairness at the end people do clap and congratulate you, it's not just about the whipping...or maybe...

    Honnestly it seems quite nice compared to the nasty and frankly unecessary Godoi Jiu Jitsu celebration style (found on Slideyfoot's blog) and please note the best detail: on the youtube description in portuguese it seems to indicate "Best Moments of the Exams"...ahaha....sounds great, let me join this club, seems like a lot of fun...ahahah
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    Quote Originally Posted by wobblybob View Post
    I have to disagree. Getting whipped at Carlsons was like been lynched by an angry mob. At the risk of seeming quite gay.. I was a bit traumatized..
    Looking at the video, I don't think anyone can say you're being gay. You were walking SOOOOO slowly you took about 10x as many hits as the others! Good man!
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    i had my whipping at carlsons in jan after getting my blue belt.
    i had been away for 2 months due to work and it was a total unexpected shock to receive it.

    as simon changed my belt he whispered somthing to me that is just so simple, yet i will never forget it and after being thrown and having to walk a full circle of people on both sides whipping and everyone congratulating me when we shock hands at the end, i will never complain about it.

    it was amazing, and when my friends ask why, its hard to explain. but i feel now im more closer to the club and the people i train with.

    tradition or not or weather it is a passage of rights, i feel privileged to have had it done, and i cant wait to get the next bastard at the club hahaha
    smash'em smash'em SMASH'EEEMMMMM

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