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i do judo because i love it and have trained in it for all my life. pretty much the formula that has worked in mma is muay thai,boxing,wrestling and bjj, there are a few exceptions but the formally mentioned combo of arts have been proven time and time again to be the most successful,to the extent that pretty much every fighter trains them.

some throws from judo can be adapted to work without the gi but they already exist in wrestling.
I see what your saying, Similar to BJJ and no-gi grappling. I would like to do some judo but i simply dont have the time, I train thai and BJJ at the minute. I will start mma when i feel ready as I would rather have a knowledge of some martial arts before going straight into mma.

I will however (when i move over to do some mma) do a night of judo and possibly 1 night of wrestling per week to help my mma game. I feel that somebody who jumps into mma straight away will get, good at everything. Whereas I would like to pay attention to my stand up, and my ground game, so i am very competent and accomplished in BJJ and thai boxing when i start MMA.

Also I feel it is a lot to take on at once to jump into mma and some people dont take to it without a good martial arts background of some sort. When i do start some mma (most likely when i get my blue belt in BJJ) I will encorporate wrestling, thai, judo and my BJJ. one night a week if thats all i can do.