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Thread: People who boast in blogs about how they tapped people out.

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    Default People who boast in blogs about how they tapped people out.

    I hate that when people pull off a few arm bars and think there an arm bar specialist and write about it in a blog. Whats the status quo about people who brag about who they tapped on this forum?

    For myself be humble, learn and respect your opponment win or lose.

    You now who you are.
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    I never talk to people about taps in training. In competition it's open for everyone to see.

    Link the blog you are referring to! -

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    I love to tap (others) and want to cry when I get tapped.. if I get tapped I go home and kick the dog...

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    I tapped everyone again last night in training. I made a few of em cry too.
    Again and again i kept screaming "find another sport pu$$y if you dont like getting tapped"
    the numbers are dropping in the class this last week and a half, since i turned over a new leaf but i just dont care. The power rush is amazing.
    how do i go about starting a blog about this

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    I tapped lots of white belts last night.. every time held it on for a few seconds extra.. just so they knew who was the daddy.. I don't even care that one of them was a girl.. I am so awsome..

    You know what? Been sat at this computer all day is not good for me.. I need a holiday.

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    i dont even let people tap i wait til i hear bones snap, then i stomp em out like a pride match
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    I TAPPED YO MA ON TOAST for example?
    I'm sorry? do you speak the kings english? I have no idea what you mean.

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    Yeah I friggin hate bloggers...

    Meerkatsu's BJJ Blog

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    I ate a red candle
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