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Thread: fight today

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    cheers paul n yeh it felt brill wanted to get str8 bck in and probs cld have as didnt get hit to the head once lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoGiCorbarian View Post
    hey guys my new record stands at 1-0-0 finished him in 2mins somthing with an armbar after messing his face up good n proper n not got a mark on myself well apart from his blood lol

    good man yea it teaches you not to listen to what they say hes good at because you are always better ... thats what i think.... i remember having this big wrecking ball for my first fight that was big on brawling i fought him on his home turf so he had 99% of the crowd behind him but it took me 1 min 5 sec to finish him lol, congrats man get back in there asap
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    Quote Originally Posted by NoGiCorbarian View Post
    yeh n he looked like he got messed up by it lol
    lol at this. Well done mate.

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